Our Florida SSI Attorney Wins Case for a Client with Physical and Mental Impairments

This month, Disability Advocates Group successfully secured SSI benefits for another Florida client. This case highlights the challenges individuals with both physical and mental impairments can face when applying for SSI and the importance of legal representation.

Overcoming Challenges in Peripheral Neuropathy and Neurocognitive Disorder SSI Claims 

Our client suffered from a combination of debilitating conditions. Diffuse, demyelinated, and axonal peripheral neuropathy caused pain and difficulty walking, requiring a walker for ambulation. This was diagnosed with an EMG test showing these impairments. Additionally, a diagnosed mild neurocognitive disorder resulted in reading, memory, and reasoning difficulties. These conditions significantly limited his ability to work.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Florida SSI Applications 

The SSI application process can be complex, and legal representation is crucial for navigating deadlines, medical examinations, and potential hearings. Disability Advocates Group ensured all deadlines were met, meticulously prepared his medical records, and guided him through the hearing process. Our team is delighted that this client finally got the benefits they needed and deserved.

This successful outcome demonstrates the significant impact an experienced SSI attorney can have on your claim.

We Can Help You with Your Florida SSI Claim

If you have a disability and are struggling to obtain SSI benefits in Florida, Disability Advocates Group can help. We understand the challenges individuals face and are dedicated to securing the benefits you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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